James Gurney
The Digital Matte Painting Handbook is the essential guide to the modern practice of creating cinematic matte illusions. David's experience makes him the ideal author. He began his career with traditional painting skills, apprenticed to the great masters of hand-painted methods. When digital tools began to emerge, he was an early adopter. He has stayed ahead of the curve with 2D, 3D, and animated techniques, applying his professional expertise in an impressive array of movies. To top it off, he is a clear writer and sympathetic teacher with years of classroom experience. He presents the reader with a series of problem-solving challenges that are well illustrated at each stage. Loaded with everything from aesthetic principles to tips and tricks, it's the indispensable book on matte painting methodology. —James Gurney, Creator of Dinotopia (www.jamesgurney.com)
Eric Chauvin
Beyond revealing how to create photorealistic matte paintings, it includes the step-by-step procedures using modern industry tools mlike Photoshop, After Effects, and Maya with a clarity of writing style that makes learning a pleasure. Matte paintings are no longer the static locked off plate of years past. Today's digital matte painter is a member of a visual effects production team and David reveals how to integrate matte paintings into that workflow using camera projection and animated elements to give the paintings realism, depth, perspective, a moving point of view, and life. This outstanding book was truly written by a master. The only possible criticism is the title - it should have been named "The Digital Matte Painting BIBLE"!"
—Steve Wright, master trainer for visual effects compositing (www.vfxio.com)
Eric Chauvin
This is exactly the kind of book I wish was around when I started 20 years ago. Of course, it was still traditional painting back then but until this book, there hasn't been a "how to" for this particular field. I've always thought that if I were to ever write a book, the only thing I would be qualified to write about would be digital matte painting, but what you've put together for your book is SO much better than I would have ever done, that I think I can now finally give up on THIS particular book idea!
—Eric Chauvin, owner of Blackpool Studios, matte artist on all three Star Wars Special Edition releases, Starship Troopers, Vertical Limit, The American President, Elf, Star Trek series, Babylon 5, Alias and Lost (www.blackpoolstudios.com)
Michele Moen
David Mattingly has created a most impressively thorough handbook on matte painting that is filled with valuable and practical information that will guide you step-by-step from start to finish to complete a digital matte painting. 
I highly recommend this book to both new students of matte painting and to more experienced matte artists.
—Michele Moen, matte painter and concept artist, Blade Runner , 2010, Ghostbusters, Babe: Pig in the City, Armageddon, Mars Attacks, The Fifth Element, Gladiator, Superman Returns,I Am Legend, and Star Trek (www.michelemoen.com)
Barclay Shaw
The Digital Matte Painting Handbook is exactly the "How-To" digital matte painting I have been looking for. Mattingly knows his stuff. Each step in the matte painting process is presented in great detail and explained with unusual clarity in step-by-step tutorials. He not only takes you through the entire production process from concept to finished art, but also touches on the basic artistic principles behind successful compositions. Plus he includes a historic overview of the industry and its master artists. The book itself is beautifully produced, the illustrations are clear and in vivid color -and the included project files DVD is worth the cost of the book itself. Highly recommended, there's something here for all skill levels.
—Barclay Shaw, noted illustrator and visualization artist (www.barclayshaw.com)
Peter Patchen
The Digital Matte Painting Handbook is a thoughtful, detailed and well illustrated reference that is sure to become a standard in compositing and special effects curricula.

—Peter Patchen
Chairperson, Department of Digital Arts
Pratt Institute
Ron Miller
Matte painting has always fascinated me. As far back as my memory can take me, I've been interested in that effects process probably more than any other. Good, bad or indifferent, I loved everything about them. However, everything I knew was strictly academic. Now, thanks to David's extraordinary book the veil has been lifted from many mysteries. I'm several hundred miles away from his classroom, but his evocative, easy-going style and crystal-clear explanations make me feel as though he is looking over my shoulder. I may never have a chance to do a real matte painting for a real movie...but I'll sure be ready if the opportunity ever arises!"
—Ron Miller, legendary astronomical artist, production illustrator on Dune and Total Recall (www.black-cat-studios.com)
Rich Cave
As an institution, the School of Visual Arts (SVA) uniquely relies on the skills and talents of experienced artists to provide an excellent educational experience. When David Mattingly arrived at SVA he brought his considerable talents to our classrooms. His devotion to teaching is impressive as is the clarity and thoughtfulness of his book, The Digital Matte Painting Handbook. This is a complete and very well presented text on the art and technique of contemporary matte painting.

—John McInosh, Chairman
SVA Computer Art, Animation and VIsual Effects
School of Visual Arts New York City
I was very lucky to have had a chance to take David Mattingly's matte painting class at School of Visual Arts in New York. It's a incredible experience to learn how to combine matte painting and composting into live action footage or 3D element together to bring your art work to another level. David would clearly teach us the traditional painting skills in which it would inspire us as students to be creative. David is not only a very patient and responsible teacher, he is also a fantastic illustrator. I continue to be inspired by David's science fiction and fantasy paintings. David is my favorite professor in School of Visual Arts, and is one of the most important instructors of my career.
—Sharlene Lin, CG artist (www.sharlenelin.com)
Brandon Lori
I was fortunate enough to take David's digital matte painting course at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Through every lesson, students learned not only techniques to the craft of matte painting but the pre-digital history behind it as well. David's passion for the art-form and zeal for teaching encouraged students to reach beyond their comfort zone and do work that —week by week—followed the unique creative challenges set out by the instructor. For me, the end result was priceless and to this day, I see the class as a key stage in my own personal growth as an artist.
—Brandon Lori, Designer & Matte Painter for The Moving Picture Company
David Powell
I took David Mattingly's matte painting class my junior year at Pratt Institute and I was blown away by the skills I was able to develop.  As someone who wasn't great at traditional painting and hardly ever touched a tablet, I didn't think I'd ever digitally sketch anything worth showing off.  But now drawing on a computer feels like second nature and I can't quite remember how I lived without it.  Painting with colors is now one of my strong suits, and using different brushes and textures has added a wide range of variety to my work.  I'd recommend it to anyone interested in digital art and even most people that aren't.
—David Powell, Student, Pratt Institute
Kristina Carroll
I took David Mattingly's matte painting class my junior year at School of Visual Arts. I learned more about digital painting in half a semester of this class than from entire courses devoted to the subject. David's teaching style was fast paced and full of information. In the beginning of his course, I had the least amount of experience with Photoshop; but by the end I felt confident in my abilities even compared to the other students who majored in digital art. After David's course, I had the tools to keep going and push myself forward with my digital painting techniques and years later I am still able to use lessons from his class to help me with my work. David's teaching is both a great foundation for the beginner and a source of helpful techniques for advanced digital painters.
—Kristina Carroll, freelance illustrator (www.kristinacarrollart.com)
SangJoon Kim
I took David Mattingly's matte painting class at School of Visual Arts. David Mattingly is so brilliant and incredibly inspiring. He really cares about that you are learning. He is clear and specific about helping students understand the foundation of mattepainting. He spends so much time with students to improve their work and always gives great critiques to make your work better. His class is definitely challenging, but the results are worth it. I learned new techniques every class and I really enjoyed his class.
—SangJoon Kim, Student, School of Visual Arts (www.sangjkim.com)
Raffaele Trapanese
I live in Italy, but I took David Mattingly's matte painting class at School of Visual Arts while studying in the United States. His class was the best I had in my U.S. experience. The only way to understand the fantastic and amazing lessons from Mr. Mattingly's class is to do them. Imagine yourself in this room where everything can happen, where new fantastic worlds are created by him each week. To experience these lessons each week, from the outside to the inside of your mind and heart is amazing. David, a man with the gift to take his art and transmit it into the people around him. David is a serious teacher, friend and wonderful artist. Thank you so much!
—Raffaele Trapanese, filmmaker and digital artist (www.raffaeletrapanese.it)
Selim Benhabib
I just finished David Mattingly's matte painting class at Pratt Institute and I learned so much! Now I am able to use his great techniques with Photoshop, Maya and After Effects, etc. In addition, it was an absolute joy watching David take over Photoshop to create amazing new worlds then bring them to AfterEffects and give them life. David truly widened my imagination by making me capable of reflecting the wilderness in my mind to become a reality through his techniques and art. I am so thankful!
—Selim Benhabib, Student, Pratt Institute
Laura Bryson
Whether a matte painter or digital artist, this exciting visual map of how to structure a good composition, paint using Photoshop, and to bring a level of realism to your image, opens options and techniques with endless possibilities.  For me, transitioning from traditional painting to digital has been thrilling but full of questions; this book answers many of those questions.  The sequence of building the matte painting, the tools of each program, and progression or effect desired from each step are highlighted in close ups of his work or of the program you are usingThe fact that there are project files, videos and even more support visuals on a DVD, make The Digital Matte Painting Handbook as valuable as a full semester at a top art college.
— Laura Bryson - 2d, 3d artist (www.laurabrysonart.com)
Carolina Amaral
It was a very cool experience taking David's digital matte painting class. He not only reaches to the students with detailed lectures and tutorials, but he also takes the chance to talk about the origins of his field and its transition to digital. I think the book captures the essence of his class, demystifying and breaking down different workflows into simple and concise steps. Great work, David!
—Carolina Amaral, Student, School of Visual Arts (www.carolinamaral.weebly.com)
Gib Patterson
I took David Mattingly's matte painting class at the School of Visual Arts.  His class was definitely one of the best learning experiences I had while attending SVA. Each project addressed a different matte painting challenge confronted by filmmakers everyday. David provides step-by-step approaches to achieve numerous effects and dramatic scenic moments. One of the wonderful things about the strategies taught by David is that the overall effect can be achieved quite quickly, but the quality of the shot improves as more time is spent on each individual step. The class provided me with excellent practice in Photoshop and had a huge impact on the overall value of my work. My graduate thesis would never have been achievable without the lessons and habits taught by David.
-Gib Patterson (www.gibpatterson.com)
Rich Cave
I received the The Digital Matte Painting Handbook in the afternoon, and read the whole book all the way through. It's about blooming time this was done! I am really grateful that you persevered with this project. Your book has the answers I needed in a format that is transferable. For that I really am grateful. The interviews with real matte painters has steeled my resolve, and one day I will be a matte painter and this book is a stepping stone to becoming one. You even use one of my techniques, the quick masking trick, that I discovered by happy accident, and I then realized that I am doing it right. Brilliant!
—Richard Cave, photographer and digital matte artist (www.rockhopperVFX.luxipics.com)

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