Chapter 1: What Is a Matte Painting?
Chapter 2: Photoshop Workspace, Tools, and Custom Brushes
Chapter 3: Composition and Concept
Chapter 4: Perspective Basics
Chapter 5: Perspective Drawing
Chapter 6: Form
Chapter 7: Texturing and Color Correction
Chapter 8: Preparing Your Photoshop File for Camera Projection in Maya
Chapter 9: Building Geometry for Camera Projection in Maya
Chapter 10: Projecting Textures in Maya
Chapter 11: Lighting Techniques
Chapter 12: Changing Seasons
Chapter 13: Getting Started in After Effects
Chapter 14: Working over a Moving Plate
Chapter 15: Using After Effects' True 3D Space

1 Point Perspective image Form image Texture Distort image Camera Projection image Future City image

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